Spring March, be like Mu Chunfeng, according to understanding of reporter of refrigeration wall bulletin, in Zhejiang Li Shuidong big public house of square article the court of a feudal ruler, in annual meeting of outstanding agency of 2018 whole nations opens vast electric equipment grandly act, reporter of expert of delegate of thousands of when come from countrywide each district outstanding agency, industry, professional media assemble in beautiful water, witness China to heat up pump jointly 2018, collective ” get together can medium wide heat moves China ” ! On March 18, of Chinese tradition ” dragon looks up ” , the foreground of implied meaning happiness. Review the domestic air last year to be able to heat up pump market to use ” like a rising wind and scudding clouds 最新上海龙凤419″ appearance is again appropriate nevertheless, below good by national industry profit policy, air can heat up pump to enter countrywide arena formally, be in among them northward ” coal revises report ” in, with mere the market share that time of a year will heat up pump heating is pulled rise 10 billion above. The whole indu上海金枝玉叶荤场会所stry that heat up pump is in a year of in the past, heating market handed over the market increase rate of 209.8% , development impetus is swift and violent, and上海外卖私人工作室 fall in the stimulation of hot pump heating, the northward hot water that heat up pump and stoving market development also are all the way green light, downwind downstream, heat up domain of machi上海水磨会所一般什么价位ne of family expenses of pump hot water among them already the estate building with new development dish butt joint, a上海静安区哪里有spand business uses market of hot pump hot water more the swift and violent tendency that comes in southern development like 10 years is same, cover guesthouse of the school, hotel and plant gradually… fact and data made clear to us: Heat up the spring of pump, came! Was being inspected 2018 is Chinese hot pump industrial history fluctuates 10 years piece year, although the air of whole country can be at present hot impetus of pump estate development is swift and violent, but market competition environment also is unusual complex and intense, more and more brands begin eye covetously of pair of this one cake, this is about to beg an enterprise to must develop what the situation has clarity to be sentenced beforehand to what did not come, the strategy wants to allow, strategy wants firm, ruse more want far. “上海狼族藏凤阁419The road is boundless its are long, I will fluctuate and search ” , face the 2nd hot pump to develop gold 10 years, vast electric equipment will be passed 2018 in upgrade in the round ” product, channel, service, brand ” make the most powerful development engine, around ” the person that comfortable household leads intelligence ” zoology strategy develops overa上海松江新桥桑拿ll arrangement. Good luck and challenge are met in this peak on, in Zhu Jianjun of president of Inc. of vast electric equipment was made above all ” get together can medium wide heat moves China ” thematic report, in the report, bright red the run that in founding an army to review with everybody above all, vast electric equipment starts look forward to 11 上海贵族宝贝自荐 论坛years to had come, from 0 start, become an industry to get step by step army brand, current in vast electric equipment has been become cover an area of 150 mus, floor area 135 thousand smooth rice, the Asia provides the professional air of dimensions to be able to heat up pump to produce base most. Have agency of thousands of one class at present, exceed 5000 cent to sell business, site of after service of on 1000 whole nations. In the development of northward heating market last year, wide Outesi saves an area to achieve heating sale in many north in odd province is broken 100 million, served Beijing almost ” coal revises report ” th2018上海ktv荤场e hot pump heating of all canton transforms a project, the whole industry that heat up pump will tell, northward heating serves wide Outesi to enclothe number, shipment g上海寻凤阁ross area, always in number of stage of quantity, ins星月菩提干磨水磨区别tallation and user public praise precede in whole industry one pace! In the development of southern market, in air of wide Ou Tesi can the posture that the brand continues to maintain steady growth, many new product pushs profit from timelily to the market, current, southern market uses hot water domain to develop impetus advance side by side- d徐汇水疗会所o two or more things at once in family expenses hot water and b上海工作室是仙人跳吗usiness. Zhu Jianjun expresses, 2018 to in there are 4 key words vast electric equipment, it is activation, market of activation south hot water, especially market of family expenses hot water; 2 it is an innovation, innovate northward air to be able to heat up the heating channel of pump in the round, endow with can new channel, implementation heats up the advance side by上海徐汇区spa推荐 side- do two or more things at once 上海水磨论坛24小时that northward market grows south pump market. In vast electric equipment all the time with ” the lead person that intelligence lives in ” develop the strategy as the enterprise, undertake intelligence changes position actively, on the foundation of robot APP, undertake clean water, air is purified, the unity that illume of system of intelligent home appliance, new wind, intelligence, intelligence puts


Summary: , 173742 add a mobile phone formal 11821 release 173742 add 663308 amber red (8GB RAM+128GB ROM) , net of entry official of the user since this day / Beijing east can make an appointment. Add 663308 amber red will be in Chinese area at 0 o’clock at 9213 are sold, government-owned net, Beijing east, in inst嘉定spa美女allment happy, one’s deceased father pull synchronism to open carry out, price 3599 yuan, add 6 amber red have amain of admiral. . . On July 2, add a mobile ph上海新茶服务one fo广州哪里有外国妞可以玩的rmal 11821 release add 6 amber red (8GB RAM+128GB ROM) , net of entry official of the user since this day / Beijing east can make an appointment. Add 6 amber red will be in Chinese area at 0 o’clock on July 1621869 9213 are sold, government-owned net, Beijing east, in installment happy, one’s deceased father pull synchronism to open carry out, price 3599 yuan, add 6 amber red have amain light and the configura上海热海桑拿会所tion of admiral, fluent hydrogenous OS system, still one is add right brand-new the attempt of match 上海半套会所 上海哪有半套足疗colors and craft and breakthrough. Graph: ? Suffer from? amber red be about to appear on the market to be achieved to let add the vitreous airframe of 6 ” amber ” abstruse He Jingying get rid of is appeared, add the craft of optical plated film that initiated sexual ground to use a kind of industry to never had tried, all previous is debugged via the iteration of a few months, let finally add the red of 6 more elegant, the value of vitreous craft feels higher. In addition, add still not hesitate raise cost, additional use technology of evaporate plating bright film, let be added 6 amber red colour and lustre is more bright beautiful. Add Liu Zunhu of CEO of sci上海闵行星河湾酒店露露spaence and technology the product philosophy that rich has shared the Ceng Zaiwei before this to be added, the user experience that he has expressed is not implementation of support dazzle ability, should accomplish however allow an user ” without the burden ” . Comply with ” without the burden ” product philosophy, the quality that adds pair of products and 奉贤海湾旅游区ktv荤场detail experience are having more persistent pursuit all the time. Add of 6 amber red design next logistic birth in such product and ID namely. Liu Zunhu says ” we do not hope it (gules) beyond the mark and bright-coloured and those who cause a vision to go up is abrupt, it should be enthusiastic, divide make public nevertheless again however, be like amber and general glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, years of all previous classics and tide, last long however. ”   graph: ? Suffer from? amber red besides elegant and delicate design and color, increase the 6 hardware property that still own admiral class, it carries tall Tong Xiaolong 845 floating platform, 6GB/8GB is optional exceed great fortune to put, 64GB/128GB/256GB storage space, liu Zunhu in ne上海龙凤论坛 shlf1314ws briefing admiral explanation of ground of this product figure is ” business suit thug ” . Add 6 fronts to use a 19:96.28 inches of comprehensive screen, indication effect is admirable, just like of the front when Hei Bing a beautiful jade. Graph: ? Firm Wan of malleolar dice ⑿ suffers from? is ” business suit thug ”   is added 6 after appearing on the marke上海419论坛高端t, obtained ” The Verge ” , ” Forbes ” wait for media of authority of a lot of whole world approbate, they say to be added 6 be ” machine of top class admiral ” , “The best experience on high-end mobile p上海闵行水磨桑拿会所hone ” . The performance after adding 6 carry out is strong, sales volume of the whole world after appearing on the market 22 days breaks through 1 million, this is to add a mobile phone so far sales volume breaks through 1 million admiral mobile phone the most quickly. In 52910 home, add 6 to spend day only sale of 50 seconds entire network is lousy 100 million, what sale of 12 minutes of entire networks breaks through 100 thousand is big close. In India, add 6 it松江精油spa is India at present Yamaxun the smartphone with highes奉贤区spat sale of throughout history odd-numbered days. Add 6 amber red already was in government-owned net, Beijing now east open makes an上海虹口油压按摩会所 appointment, on July 9 at 0 o’clock government-owned net, Beijing east, in installment闵行区尚spa h魔都桑拿论坛appy, one’s deceased father pull synchronism to open carry out. In addition, add 6 bright porcelain match colors of money of Bai San of black, crescent moon already all was in black, Mo Yan government-owned net, Beijing east open buy, price rises 3199 yuan.