On June 5, exhibition of the kitchen of the 23rd China International, 233531 establishment that defend bath was in Shanghai to be held ceremoniously 2018. 168726 seas Er defends royal seal to carry wisdom bathroom to be tasted newly in exhibit the meeting is wonderful appear, released solution of integral wisdo上海最新夜上海论坛m bathroom first, times of AI of open wisdom bathroom. Current, what be core with IT is new revolution of round of science and technology drives China to make ceaselessly create transition to China, also give 12079 intelligence the 233531 companies that defend bath at the same time b上海南汇桑拿水磨会所rought n上海便宜的全套会所 上海全套价格ew opportunity and challenge. Because the life idea of people produces change ceaselessly, the requirement to Wei Yu space also by take use function seriously in the past only, to nowadays be willing to make its a 12079 intelligence, clean, comfortable vacuum more, in order to promote the life quality, the happiness that experiences intelligence to defend bath product to bring gives birth to vivid experience. Regard domestic wisdom bathroom as brand of major of 77507 hom上海会所e appliance, 168726 seas Er defends royal seal to insist to be a center in order to resolve user pain spot, difficulty from beginning to end since hold water, through realizing a product ceaselessly upgrade and innovate, walked out of 198112 overturn the road of the own innovation of 42184 traditions. Distinction protects bath company at 42184 traditions, royal seal holds to Hai Erwei from beginning to end with 77507 home appliance 166084 definitions defend 132923 levels bath space, accumulate sea Er 30 old banner techniques to apply the research and development that covers to intelligent closestool to go上海 干磨 水磨 up in home appliance industry, ceaseless forward technology of automation technology, processing of water上海水磨全套会所 上海闵行区水磨地方 and electricity, heat the home appliance industry such as technology, chip design technology 132923 standards draw close. Defend problem of layout of bath space power source in the light of home, of research and development of Hai Erwei royal seal ” without end ” technology, solved the power supply difficult problem that intelligent closestool covers; In the light of上海水磨娱乐会所2018 home W名凤阁论坛ei Yu works wet not detached environment, wei Xi general ” the wall that defend report ” patent technology blends in intelligent closestool to built products plan to solve safe problem; And rinse Shui Jie to pollute a problem with 2 completely in the light of what female user worries, wei Xi applies successfully ” clean bath ” the technology makes another use the toilet healthy protective screen for the female. This hutch is defended exhibit, the closestool of V6 series intelligence that Wei Xi releases covers technology of embarking speech intel上海古美路平吉路悦龙湾spaligence, upgrade what implement industry technology again lead. Regard Haierwei as the main component of bath松江桑拿休闲会所room of wisdom of royal seal whole, lid of closestool of speech of V6 series intelligence is defended in this hutch exhibit on it may be said sucks eyeball countless. The Fu that it has place of closestool of traditional pottery and porcelain to do not have not only washs drying of Tong Xi, warm wind, constant temperature to be heated up namely wait for a function, still 198112 overturn sexual ground came true with intelligence of the product such as bath bully interactive. The use of technology of its speech intelligence, more ” lazy cancer patient ” , ” clean addiction patient ” with the action inconvenience such as old person, Mu Ying the crowd brought good news. In addition, lid of closestool of intelligence of V6 mo爱上海同城论坛新地址ney speech still received sea Er U+app, the time that can use intelligent closestool to build according to the user or discharge are computative filter uses position, upload data to high in the clouds, change when need when filter, APP can remind an user actively to change,上海水磨拉丝 caress an user heart to heart use the toilet health. The intelligence through Wei Xi is made, bathroom the space washing gargle on this one traditional sense is overturned, turn and appear with the form of an organic whole in people at the 2018上海松江水磨的场子moment. With speech interactive technology proceed with, wei Xi broke intelligence to sit implement, the trade current situation that the product function such as intelligent bathroom lens, bath bully, water heater cuts apart, will overturn Wei Yu product and space of bathroom of wisdom of a complete set of present conventional intelligence before people, invite an audience ” 0 distances ” learn松江区不正规spaed a trade the wisdom advantage that solution of first wisdom bathroom brings lives. Believe future, wei Xi also will devote oneself to live with wisdom of innovation of science and technology from b上海 油压 龙凤论坛eginning to end, overturn with intelligence traditional Wei Yu, initiate period of wisdom bathroom AI ceaselessly.


Want in the youth’s home orderly, delicate, too how is too cumbersome vintage freezer put in that to go? Freezer space is too little, cannot hold the in kind that the family needs, let take money people affection why can? Fresh vegetables and f上海现在还有油压店吗ruits has been put into safe, a few days to wait to be taken however not fresh? Major 664 I上海松江桑拿会所水磨地址nternet freezer was to increase APP join function merely, in the final analysis still cannot松江新城spa leave a mobile phone. Be aimed at the consumptive pain spot with traditional numerous freezer, 664 Internet home appliance rolled out cloud rice whole house in time freezer of 21FACE big screen, yan Zhi and actual strength have both, open happiness lives. French 4, the appearance design of good-looking and practical traditional freezer is almost machine-made, put in the sitting room or the kitchen appears as antipathetic as domestic whole environment, and freezer of Internet of cloud rice 21FACE used method 4 open the door means, this kind opens the door the advantage of means is safe space capacious, can make full use of casing width, at the same time freezer compartment drawer can be 上海嘉定喜来登铂spaphui工作室kbulled open directly, take put food more convenient, reduce air conditioning loss again at the same time. The face plate before freezer uses a metal to help filar technology, simple sense is concise and elegant, turned the result that dactylogram taints infirmly, such tall Yan Zhixian can make a medium central point like that. Will integratedly look, not only good-looking, and practical. Exceed high capacity, want to put put a 4 most common home, if the space of freezer is insufficient, can bring a lot of inconvenience on the life. And money of French of 21Face of freezer of cloud rice Internet is having those who be as high as 462L to exceed high capacity, let you accomplish want to put put, want to put put, the life with respect to this so follow one’s inclinations! Safe capacity 289L: Use French to run from opposite directions design, make whole safe relatively the freezer size at the tradition became large one times more more than. Room of vegetables of a fruit + 4 glass layer is worn + 8 doors上海桑拿休闲会所 bottle is worn, satisfied the daily requirement of domesticity adequately, it may be said is close design. 173L of freezer compartment capacity: It is leg of one whole sheep or small popsicle no matter, double deck freezer compartment can follow a heart to answer. Besides, freezer compartment drawer still was used 上海好的桑拿slip point-blank course technology, in allowing your procedure in push-pull smooth a上海虹口油压会所推荐nd smooth, have again at the same time make sure from return spring the drawer closes cheek by jowl, avoid air conditioning prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Ternary insurance, chain 360 ° encircle gives delicate   wind: Freezer of Internet of cloud rice 21FACE used 360 ° encircle to send wind the system, parallel gives wind阿拉爱上海会员验证区 at2019最新上海419龙凤 the face plate after freezer, avoid traditional freezer to play the phenomenon that feeds capable person continuously, make sure the water that feeds capable person distributes won’t excessive prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, maintain optimal mouthfeel. Natural and herbaceous 67938 filter core: Freezer of Internet of cloud rice 21FACE deployed what can change is natural and dismountable, herbaceous 67938 filter core, extractive a variety of natural and herbaceous active gene, effective and antiseptic rate is as high as 99.9% above, put an end to freezer peculiar smell and bacterium to cause, healthy diet begins from freezer. Top class compressor: Freezer of Internet of cloud rice 21FACE carries compressor of d虹口世纪洗浴桑拿会所怎么样omestic top class frequency conversion, add in the technology of frequency conversion of 180 ° vector hold below, frequency change is smooth and fluent, accuse Wen Ji its are careful, jing Yin omits report. Grade of specific power consumption is 2 class, integrated power consumption is 0.99kW · H/24h, report of 1 day of bad news does not exceed 1 degree. Exceed big screen, the screen of completely high-definition feeling that freezer of Int上海哪有洋马ernet of 21FACE of experience cloud rice owns intelligence to be as high as resolution of 2现在上海还有哪里可以做油压 1 inches of 1080P together, contracted and practical page is designed, the alternant虹口君爵spa operation of speech gesticulation, the system of technology of embarking artificial intelligence, it is the intelligence that you never had had to experience only. Cook in the kitchen when you when, the leader水磨拉丝服务流程图 calls say to attend a meeting, how should hour of this kind of be in a dilemma do? Speech calls freezer of Internet of cloud rice 21FACE, OK and direct electrify sentence is received on this big screen, make you relaxed receive hear a telephone call while, also a bit does not affect cooking to cook. Of freezer of Internet of cloud rice 21FACE or whole house home appliance