The  of food safety the city zone that Pudong is advancing construction citizen satisfaction with all one’s strength. The standing committee of area National People’s Congress that the reporter holds from a few days ago learns the 14th times on the conference  , pudong food safety is overall the state continues to maintain orderly  , can accuse  , firm in to good posture  , by2019上海油压 开了上海杏山路kb吗 上海半套价位 August before will eliminate basically do not have without card manage  according to food. Each street town achieves processing goal ahead of schedule since this year  , town of  of whole area each unit, each street proposes national provision with上海水磨会所交友论坛 achieving the food safety the city zone of safe demonstrative the city zone and citi2019是上海哪里还有油压zen satisfaction gives priority to line  , advance in the round fulfil  of food safety work. Statistical data shows  , 2018 1-7 month  , begin daily go on a tour of i上海油压店2018宝山nspection 上海贵族宝贝论坛about superintendency branch  , supervisory examination and special execute the law the examination adds up to 5.1 more than 10000 second ; is accepted in all feed category to complain  , inform against and seek advice from 8926  , on time answer rate investigates food safety to violate a case 432 cases in all for 100%;  , punish 968.35 of the amount that do not have a paragraph 10 thousand yuan of ; strengthen carry out a death sentence to join  , the guilty case that detects harm food safety 37  , arrest guilty suspect 71 people  . Whole area did not produce collective sex the  of accident of major 阿拉爱上海aishedesprovision safety such as bromatoxism. The town begins each street to be not had without card deep manage processing operation  according to food, the processing that finish 6475  , occupy the 94.3% that should administer gross, finish ahead of schedule book target ; to already 16 streets press down  of task of the comprehensive processing that finish. Pudong will advance food to produce management business construction of sincere letter demonstrative system regards important grasper as  , whole area already had 23 supermarkets to sell name ” of supermarket of be as good as one’s w虹口世纪洗浴桑拿会所 概况ord of city class “ , 875 supermarkets sell name ” of supermar闵行 大保健 2018ket of be as good as one’s word of area class “ , the meal service unit of 55.9% already declared “ to be at ease dining-room ” , accepting whole town上海kb最新地方 to evaluate ; to enl夜上海论坛新419arge “ Internet ceaselessly +  of limits of application of pattern of management of ” of bright kitchen bright cooking stove, up to now  , communal meal serves the company of 1992 chain meal that includes “ range of demonstrative construction of ” of bright kitchen bright cooking stove and medium-sized above the  in the unit, already 1567 carry out ” of bright cooking stove of “ bright kitchen, enclothe rate for 78.7% . Pudong food safety superintends a level to promote height of area National People’s Congress to take food safety seriously ceaselessly working  , supervise food safety 6 years con上海桑拿会所论坛 上海顶级桑拿按摩会所tent  as the key continuously since 上海闵行区spa2013. Removed  this year in May, committee of job of sanitation of culture of science of education of standing committee of area National People’s Congress carries out executive  to Pudong new developed area ”  o上海油压419论坛f law of safety of food of People’s Republic of China ” with  ”  of Shanghai food securing rules ” the circumstance undertook  of special subject survey. First trial opinion puts forward  , pudong is 上海龙凤shlf最新地址 of ceaseless innovation superintendency mechanism, perfect superintendency network  , increase superintendency strength 


① ②   consumes 180992 electrons to exhibit in the 124809 Berlin international this year on, more than 1800 ginseng t上海水磨会所哪家最好hat comes from world each district exhibits business to carry newest product and technical ginseng to exhibit. The perso上海南美水疗按摩n that graph ① looks around is experiencing newest acoustics product. The person that graph ② looks around stops watch street dance show. Consume the vane of electronic industry as the whole world, 124809 Berlin international consumes 180992 electrons to exhibit (IFA) was held a few days ago. Manufacturer of each big electron product took out the whole world “ is special competence ” , released a series of “ product of science and techn上海指压按摩哪家好 上海飞机按摩论坛ology of hard nucleus ” , sho闵行spa花头wed industry forward position and prospective trend. Meanwhile, gas ” tastes the “ ground connecti上门一般都是仙人跳on of be closely bound上海指压飞机店2019 up of a lot of as daily as people lives newly to a上海闵行区水磨会所电话lso appear in succession, let join exhibit an audience one feast one’s eyes on. ” of household “ intelligence leads 255044 new trend to be on the IFA this year, intelligent household is remained most suffer pursue one of ideas that hold in both hands. Although the concept of intelligent household already made the favorite that consumes electronic product domain a few years ago, but the element such as level of technology of be enslaved to be enslaved to, the product that gets be admissived extensively in applying actually is not much, have person even the intelligent household product at that time is ” of “ bogus intelligence. This year, manufacturer of world each country is all-around household of the intelligence th上海足浴荤场子一览表at send fo上海 419龙凤 论坛 官网rce and home appliance上海莞式水磨图片, lived in home appliance system to form whole product class and mature application for led intelligence with speech assistant and artificial intelligence, become each manufacturer to contend for what intelligence lives in home a上海贵族宝贝龙凤楼ppliance to stand for war. On stage of each big plant Trade Fair, can see sundry speech assistant and intelligent assistant, can control the freezer with daily indispensable life, washing machi上海闵行598水磨店ne, TV, sound box through them even doorbell. The intelligent speech system of will own research and development and photograph of home appliance product combine the tycoon of traditional home appliance such as SamSung, LG, updated the concept of intelligent home appliance. How to want to drink beer of a bottle of ice to do on road coming home? Speak a requirement to the mobile phone, can make the freezer in the home rapid temperature adjustment, let beer more glacial bright. Go out off before, also need not pull do switch of each electric equipment, need to adjust only ” of “ off mode, all home appliance enter energy-saving state automatically. Conceptual application is only before these, had walked into home of ordinary common people nowadays. Anyhow, the IFA this year developed idea of content couplet net from the conception that puts forward to live in interconnection ” platform to “ , still introduced “ to feed the new idea such as ” of net of couplet of garment of couplet net ”“ , mix all equipment in the home daily activity is compositive on the product that understands a 上海最便宜水磨function at having interconnection each other and intelligent platform, the intelligence that realized daily life whole technological process is changed. Chinese product all shows “ the IFA this year exhibits   of international model ” meeting nature is little not the product that comes from China. Chinese manufacturer brought newest product and technology not only, more the “ China that explained domain of consumptive electron product afresh to the world makes ” . This year, manufacturers of many Chinese mobile phone serve as IFA release taste the arena with forward position tec阿拉爱上海的网站是多少hnology newly. China to released newest kylin whole world of 980 chip —— chip of system of Cheng of the metric system of first 7 pay, become this IFA mobile board piece the largest window, this covered the chip of the first ” of 5 “ world, the pliable but strong that course of study of the state-owend enterprise in letting people be experienced tries hard to overtake ceaselessly in domain of chip technology research and development is strong. The reporter sees老闵行碧波泉 kb before brand of Chinese mobile phone exhibits a stage, the person that look around is in serious try out, enjoy newest product, praise to coming from mobile phone product of China to nod. Many consumer express, chinese mobile phone arrives from technology, design make