Of domestic cooking lampblack purify, lack unified processing plan all the time. It is by last month, 234967 bosses 197573 electric equipment release product of machine of cigarette of on the world first 172790 central 190791 oil absorption in Beijing, the residential lampblack that announces this product is compound purify efficiency to achieve 99.5% , put forward lampblack pollution to study a proposal in all, this action caused the high attention of government, enterprise, orgnaization and ordinary people. 4 years ago, asia-Pacific organizes leader via closing in informal meeting, a controller ever put forward, the cooking habit of “ Chinese is not small also to the contribution of PM2.5, hope citizen cooperates to do ” of job of very clean airy. Opinion on public affairs, caused netizen heat to discuss immediately, speak in succession, “ did not think of to do a meal guilty still ” , &阿拉爱上海预警区 阿拉爱上海长宁区ld松江大学城spa油压quo; this is to want our the whole people to have cucumber of cold and dressed with sause ” . In fact, to Beijing according to institute of physics of air of the Chinese Academy of Sciences haze day statistic considered to make clear in January 2013, meal source is right the contributive rate of PM2.5 is occupied at that time 13% , be equivalent to ” of dirt of raise of “ Beijing g上海宝山荤场round and “ industry discharging ” to hold compared total. From 4 years premise gives a mighty uproar that after lampblack administers a viewpoint, causes, after arriving 4 years, 197573 electric equipment release 234967 bosses machine of cigarette of 172790 central 190791 oil absorption, put forward lampblack pollution to study a proposal in all, more enterprises realized he pollute the responsibility of processing to air. Home appliance industry is senior analyst dirt of 241667 Liu pace thinks of machine of cigarette of the oil absorption central come out 12204 have epoch-making 54595 meanings, it is cigarette machine from “ tradition ” of cigarette machine times spans in the center of ”/“ of times of machine of “ clean cigaret嘉定新城spate th上海gm资源e mark of ” of cigarette machine times. Machine of oil absorption cigarette effects a radical cure kitchen lampblack is polluted in the center of boss electric equipment as consumption level rise, lampblack machine gains ground more and more in Chinese kitchen, but the function of traditional lampblack machine just moves the阿拉爱上海 高桥姐 lampblack of the kitchen to the kitchen outside, did not r老闵行金湘缘spaise to purify the effect. And a lot of moment, cooking especially fastigium, often appear smoke evacuation not fre上海后花园1314最新 shhhye, answer smoke, string together the problem such as flavour. Change ch上海闵行kb论坛aracter, traditional lampblack machine just turns lampblack into “ society problem ” from ” of “ family problem just, be a problem essentially transfer is not a problem to solve. Dirt of 241667 Liu pace appeals, the cigarette machine that “ our need effects a radical cure kitchen lampblack is polluted. Lampblack machine is sucked to assign station of Yun Ping of a powerful person, intelligence by lead plane, terminal, motivation in the center of ” boss electric equipment 4 major composition, so阿拉爱上海账号lve whole architectural lampblack to suck platoon and purify difficult problem, it is a complete lampblac上海高端桑拿水磨k solution, can promote rock-bottom resident smoke evacuation efficiency 40% , solve smoke evacuation effectively not free, time smoke, string together the problem of dweller kitchen smoke evacuation such as flavour. And can be accomplished fall a confusion of voices 10 decibel, residential lampblack is compound会所干磨和水磨的区别0 purify efficiency to achieve 99.5% , effect a radical cure kitchen lampblack pollutes a problem thoroughly. News briefing of machine of oil absorption cigarette can attract delegate of 200 many nearly 40 government leader, landed enterprises and delegate of orgnaizat上海洗浴会所哪里好玩ion of 40 many scientific research to attend in the center of boss electric eq上海宝山金钟桑拿uipment, also say those who understand it to change quality. Liu Buchen analysed the profit of 4 big users that machine of cigarette of the oil absorption central brings to nod: Efficient purify, stop a smoke effectively, jing Yin, energy-saving, da上海莘庄spaily cleanness makes cigarette machine no longer worry. Machine of cigarette of central oil absorption carries out “ terminal to lampblack + 2 class purify ” of building top lead plane, purify the air from weather station eduction, form contribution no longer to PM2.5. Environment of negative pressure of flue of original creation public, lampblack by automatic and inspiratory flue, put an end to lampblack circumfluence phenomenon. Environment of complete negative pressure is sucked automatically


On June 5, exhibition of the kitchen of the 23rd China International, 233531 establishment that defend bath was in Shanghai to be held ceremoniously 2018. 168726 seas Er defends royal seal to carry wisdom bathroom to be tasted newly in exhibit the meeting is wonderful appear, released solution of integral wisdo上海最新夜上海论坛m bathroom first, times of AI of open wisdom bathroom. Current, what be core with IT is new revolution of round of science and technology drives China to make ceaselessly create transition to China, also give 12079 intelligence the 233531 companies that defend bath at the same time b上海南汇桑拿水磨会所rought n上海便宜的全套会所 上海全套价格ew opportunity and challenge. Because the life idea of people produces change ceaselessly, the requirement to Wei Yu space also by take use function seriously in the past only, to nowadays be willing to make its a 12079 intelligence, clean, comfortable vacuum more, in order to promote the life quality, the happiness that experiences intelligence to defend bath product to bring gives birth to vivid experience. Regard domestic wisdom bathroom as brand of major of 77507 hom上海会所e appliance, 168726 seas Er defends royal seal to insist to be a center in order to resolve user pain spot, difficulty from beginning to end since hold water, through realizing a product ceaselessly upgrade and innovate, walked out of 198112 overturn the road of the own innovation of 42184 traditions. Distinction protects bath company at 42184 traditions, royal seal holds to Hai Erwei from beginning to end with 77507 home appliance 166084 definitions defend 132923 levels bath space, accumulate sea Er 30 old banner techniques to apply the research and development that covers to intelligent closestool to go上海 干磨 水磨 up in home appliance industry, ceaseless forward technology of automation technology, processing of water上海水磨全套会所 上海闵行区水磨地方 and electricity, heat the home appliance industry such as technology, chip design technology 132923 standards draw close. Defend problem of layout of bath space power source in the light of home, of research and development of Hai Erwei royal seal ” without end ” technology, solved the power supply difficult problem that intelligent closestool covers; In the light of上海水磨娱乐会所2018 home W名凤阁论坛ei Yu works wet not detached environment, wei Xi general ” the wall that defend report ” patent technology blends in intelligent closestool to built products plan to solve safe problem; And rinse Shui Jie to pollute a problem with 2 completely in the light of what female user worries, wei Xi applies successfully ” clean bath ” the technology makes another use the toilet healthy protective screen for the female. This hutch is defended exhibit, the closestool of V6 series intelligence that Wei Xi releases covers technology of embarking speech intel上海古美路平吉路悦龙湾spaligence, upgrade what implement industry technology again lead. Regard Haierwei as the main component of bath松江桑拿休闲会所room of wisdom of royal seal whole, lid of closestool of speech of V6 series intelligence is defended in this hutch exhibit on it may be said sucks eyeball countless. The Fu that it has place of closestool of traditional pottery and porcelain to do not have not only washs drying of Tong Xi, warm wind, constant temperature to be heated up namely wait for a function, still 198112 overturn sexual ground came true with intelligence of the product such as bath bully interactive. The use of technology of its speech intelligence, more ” lazy cancer patient ” , ” clean addiction patient ” with the action inconvenience such as old person, Mu Ying the crowd brought good news. In addition, lid of closestool of intelligence of V6 mo爱上海同城论坛新地址ney speech still received sea Er U+app, the time that can use intelligent closestool to build according to the user or discharge are computative filter uses position, upload data to high in the clouds, change when need when filter, APP can remind an user actively to change,上海水磨拉丝 caress an user heart to heart use the toilet health. The intelligence through Wei Xi is made, bathroom the space washing gargle on this one traditional sense is overturned, turn and appear with the form of an organic whole in people at the 2018上海松江水磨的场子moment. With speech interactive technology proceed with, wei Xi broke intelligence to sit implement, the trade current situation that the product function such as intelligent bathroom lens, bath bully, water heater cuts apart, will overturn Wei Yu product and space of bathroom of wisdom of a complete set of present conventional intelligence before people, invite an audience ” 0 distances ” learn松江区不正规spaed a trade the wisdom advantage that solution of first wisdom bathroom brings lives. Believe future, wei Xi also will devote oneself to live with wisdom of innovation of science and technology from b上海 油压 龙凤论坛eginning to end, overturn with intelligence traditional Wei Yu, initiate period of wisdom bathroom AI ceaselessly.