New York is in at the beginning of August the store of test of private parts of 931 Microsoft wire near 5 highways, proceed with of my within an inch of beautiful edition of a 37294Surface Go. Artful is the country is gotten after going back to the motherland machine of travel version evaluation, still matched at the same time lid of Go special clavier and ultrathin and portable mouse. Regard the cheapest 37294Surface series flat as computer, go place is to the product of mark such IPad Pro commit suicide produces power tool. But my individual more apt lets it replace 12 i老闵行碧波泉4楼nches of MacBook in the hand, develop more productivity property thereby. 1, industrial design阿拉爱上海ai010xyz ravels the first impression that the Surface Go after packing gives me is small, airframe dimension 245mm X 175mm X 8.3mm, only 522g(does not contain weight clavier builds) . Compare the Surface Pro with stronger performance, the bulk of Go is taken can feel in the hand more resembling is a flat. Screen dimension 163837 also be to take cabinet course, 10 inches of PixelSense touch indication screen夜上海论坛2019夜 上海桑拿论坛, resolution is 1800 X 1200 (217 PPI) . This resolution is not Surface Go the mainstream, do not cross 3:2 of nest of as it happensScreen scale. Support was touched at 10 o’clock accuse, use Kangningdi glass of 3 acting gorilla. Compare the big brother with Surface familial series, the edges and corners of Go looks more fruity, at the same time in casing is carried on the back backward also did echelon to transfer. The Surface gush that unifinication magnesium pledges airframe still is we are familiar with is arenaceous feeling, the ”logo of card of cropland of Gao Guang “ on bracket blocking a leaf still can be become small glasses. Before buy 5 million photograph like ele阿拉爱上海 休闲预警ment like the head, group of left and infra-red model can realize Windows Hello facial iden阿拉爱上海 验证小唯tifying. 8 million postposition resembling element photographs postposition like the head, support is opposite automatically anxious. Airframe deploys odd microphone, stereo raise of supportive Dolby Audio Premium implement. New generation folds a leaf to prop up the structure is the oldest to combine point of view probably 150° , you can adjust aleatoric and comfortable screen angle, although tie-in clavier lid is put on the leg very firm also. Interface respect: USB-C port, 3.5mm earphone inserts a上海会所招聘 上海会所招聘perture, surface Connect port, surface professional clavier builds port, microSDXC reads card implement. Anyhow, r阿拉爱上海同城论坛 阿拉爱上海验证发帖区egard the smalles上海全场水磨100分钟不限次t Surface as the product, go is designed in industry, can saying is Jian Zhi makes one paragraph pole. 2, embarking Intel of Surface Go of property perfor上海419龙凤桑拿论坛mance   gallops gold processor 4415Y(tells the truth I of 上海外卖私人工作室one’s previous上海推油tykb店推荐 experience of mobile phone editor pay cl阿拉后花园上海后花园ose attention to PC processor rarely later) , this U be subordinate to belongs to Intel 7 acting cruel compositive HD615 nucleus shows farsighted platform, can understand 4415Y into 4.5W TDP cruel farsighted the shrink edition of M3-7Y30. Although advocate frequency has 1.6GHz only, but it is possible that function of 4 lines Cheng returns 2 nucleuses. Memory + memory respect, mark matchs e上海水磨休闲会所微信dition 4GB RAM + 64GB(eMMC) , match edition新阿拉爱上海 8GB RAM + 128GB(SSD) high. Machine of this evaluation on my hand is 8+128, this 163837 also be the version that I上海贵族宝贝后花园 recommend everybody to buy, although want to compare 2988 yuan mark to distribute version on the price expensive piece full 1000, but if you mean the word of true productivity,still believe me please. CINEBENCH R15 test was not done to everybody, if you pursue property,have Surface Pro\Book\Studio these are better at the same time costlier also alternative. Since locate to mark IPad Pro tool of productivity of originality of this kind of flat, we ought not to are opposite this cabinet and pitiful Surface

上海浦东浴场 荤场

[explanation] soil is made the same score in the capital of 224049 Korea, smooth soil citize上海杨浦区大富豪桑拿n does not need to consider house price, because their housing is allocated by the country. So, their housing condition after all how? A few days ago, reporter of China News Service gets 224049 Korea reporter affined Central Committee invites, the housing to teacher of college of smooth soil urban district and suburb farmer residence had seek by inquiry. [spot sound]     [explanation] on August 9, the 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰 9kooreporter will to 76762 gold day become Jin Yuxuan of multiversity associate professor (sound) in the home. Master home is very warm, because be workaday, there are housewife and old grandma 龙凤爱上海 阿拉的后花园of 88 years old only in the home. Of the sitting room upper part hangs the leader before having Korea the 76762 pictures of day of Jin Richeng, Jin Zheng, inside hall decorate very exquisite, furniture, home appliance is all ready, have sofa, television, sound, assemble cabinet, there still is a piano in the corner, the embroider cover cover that uses white is worn. Weather of smooth soil near future is torr阿拉爱上海同城论坛 北京验证id, master home opened air conditioning, indoor and special cool. [spot sound] the room   that this is a grandma [explanation] the house that Jin Yuxuan’s wife introduces him very proudly to the reporter. This house is living 4 people, jin Yuxuan and wife, mother 上海汉顿spa飞机an上海足浴桑拿会所费用d the daughter that just get married live together. The house has 240 to make the same score rice more, 5 rooms one hall, include a 3 bedrooms, study and a cloakroom. Advocate the toilet that lies to still have independence. Be in the room of master home daughter, putting above the table marry photograph, the bride wears Korea tradition dress, bridegroom wears white shirt, make tie, match black suit jacket. A smartphone is charging, there are comp上海火车站附近快餐女uter and book on desk. Master home tells a reporter, “All furniture in the house are (country) those who give, taking the key to be able to be entered. 上海外菜资源” ” this building has 240 smooth rice and 250 smooth rice two kinds of areas, no matter be young teacher, still teaching, the house is about the same big. ”   introduces according to government square public figure, korea is highest the teacher奉贤水疗休闲会所 that 125737 Jin Zhengen proposals become multiversity for golden day builds leader room, two the earliest buildings 2013 finishing, about 300 teachers are entered. Built a few in succession by again later, at present all teachers stayed in this school to go in. In smooth soil outskirts, in the coop虹口区哪里有荤场erative farm of major of long spring vegetable that is citizen supply vegetable, arranging become an orderly Xiaolou, express what accom福州金山桑拿推荐pany toward square personnel, these are the residences of local farmer. The reporter comes to an among them village, there is a ti上海宝山 男子spale-roofed house of a blue housetop here, there is solar energy water heater on roof, cultivate after the house before the room have vegetable, there is the corn of results on the ground. In Zheng Zhe (sound) in the home, the reporter sees, the porch place that takes the door is worn a bicycle, in back room, there is the vocal program of Korea in the television. Ground upper berth has wooden floor board, there is a telephone call on the desk. This host this year 59 years old, in farm mach上海后花园之类的论坛inery work team repairs equipment. A son is outer be a soldier, he and wife and another son live in this 75 bungalow of smooth rice, have two bedrooms, there still is storeroom outside. According to introducing, this farm has many 420 farmer, former building is pulled down to rebuild, 上海后花园阿拉网in June 2015, farmer people move into new home. Memory rises to just be moved into the setting of new residence moment, zheng Zhe is very excited still. [sound of the corresponding period] Zheng Zhegang of smooth soil farmer moves in too excited, cried 3 times repeatedly ” banzai of 125737 Jin Zhengen’s chairman ” . [explanation] host tells a reporter, the furniture in new home, home appliance, including solar energy water heater is offer by the country, completely free. There are solar energy and national electrified wire netting in the house means of two kinds of power supply, do farm work by day, bout arrives home to be able to wash a hot bath. He says, did not envy oppidan. According to introducing, top leader Jin Zhengen once went to Korea twice of cooperative farm of major of long spring vegetable inspect, in the child-care centre of the farm, writing on the horizontal forehead of the door ” feeli上海海选场水磨ng