[Commentary of hammer science and technology] in “ chip crisis feeling ” continues to diffuse domestic manufacturing industry when, ms. Dong Mingzhu expresses, 238639 division force should make chip. Of Ms. Dong making known one’s position is to be before about two months. Electric equipment of 238639 division power on plenary meeting of 2017 year shareholder, ms. Dong that holds a president concurrently as president divulged new industry plans, incorporate integrated circuit chip inside business will become future to send force focal point. Ms. Dong Mingzh阿拉爱上海干磨u ever said: &Ldquo; we (division force) a 241804 air conditioning should use a few chip, purchase many yuan 40 every year, be close to 5 billion yuan, at present till be an entrance for the most part, oneself already chip of research a宝山城区水疗nd development, we strive for the chip that ne阿拉爱上海同城 aishxt year 241804 air conditioning use him entirely. Ms. ” Ms. Dong ever still expressed, division force already studied 3 years in chip domain and sma上海哪里有水磨服务ll successful. In August the middle ten days of a month, division force did chip to have substantial progress. That month 14 days, limited company of 0 attrib border integrated circuit registers Zhuhai hold water, register capital 1 billion yuan, the 上海真如完美kblegal representative 松江开元桑拿会所is Dong Mingzhu of president of division power electric equipment. According to the report that Beijing business signs up for, vice-president of division power夜上海论坛 electric equipment holds Dong Bi concurrently to hope Jingdong ever expressed, zhuhai limited company of 0 attrib border integrated circuit 2019最新上海419龙凤advocate course of study is chip design, main around the relevant chip that uses in air conditioning. But the division force that already hit the ceiling to growth of air conditioning business, can you be its to maintain a position of the old inside course of study, stunt that seeks new growth chance? See the possibility of chip of division force make it first. 上海油压店关了好多Fourth major general of editor in chief上海哪里还有TY of science and technology of home of IT Internet observation, hammer expresses: &Ldquo; on one hand, division force is adjusting machine market to have distinct advantage for nothing, can deeper to the demand understanding of relevant chip technology, referenced SamSung, China for (the case in chip of mobile phone of the sortie after industry of dip excessive mobile phone is old) in light of, enter a respect to won’t have faced large block, also can make clear product direction; on the other hand, the profit of division force and cash flow pretty good, have better fund reserve, can ego hematopoiesis, the chip line of business with intervening capital big demand is opposite easier. ” does not pass, this also can say division force took the “ ticket ” that makes chip only. Fourth major general expresses, division force does chip to be able to face enormous challenge likewise: &Ldquo; after all, division force designs production experience without chip, in light of experience and history, late infe宫七spa静安店rior position makes up for chip industry very hard. Additional, chip changes fast, investment redound is slow, growth of business of division force air conditioning already was touched come up against the ceiling, other diversity business still props up battalion effectively to restrain the growth with profit hard, sheet relies on him business of chip of ’ of long-term ‘ blood transfusion is not real. ” fourth major general thinks, division force can seek a few bought opportunities, “ is connected high, China for, 上海外卖私人工作室wait to domestic and international tycoon ever was passed and buy those who implement a technology to upgrade in violet light, A the palm accuses and of the market enclothe ” , he says. In the hammer scie阿拉爱上海 风险nce and technology looks, to division force, no matter make transition from intelligence, exterior still chip purchases cost, in light of the development pattern that or is globalization, cast off go up in 番禺桑拿体验论坛crucial technology the situation of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to is must, but division force does chip to still need act according one’s capability, advance steadily, no matter whether can resemble what Ms. Dong says in that way the chip ” that air conditioning of “ next year uses hi龙凤网论坛m entirely, do not turn chip into a pure stunt. (Hammer science and technology is achieved formerly, reprint be sure to give chapter and verse for)


New York is in at the beginning of August the store of test of private parts of 931 Microsoft wire near 5 highways, proceed with of my within an inch of beautiful edition of a 37294Surface Go. Artful is the country is gotten after going back to the motherland machine of travel version evaluation, still matched at the same time lid of Go special clavier and ultrathin and portable mouse. Regard the cheapest 37294Surface series flat as computer, go place is to the product of mark such IPad Pro commit suicide produces power tool. But my individual more apt lets it replace 12 i老闵行碧波泉4楼nches of MacBook in the hand, develop more productivity property thereby. 1, industrial design阿拉爱上海ai010xyz ravels the first impression that the Surface Go after packing gives me is small, airframe dimension 245mm X 175mm X 8.3mm, only 522g(does not contain weight clavier builds) . Compare the Surface Pro with stronger performance, the bulk of Go is taken can feel in the hand more resembling is a flat. Screen dimension 163837 also be to take cabinet course, 10 inches of PixelSense touch indication screen夜上海论坛2019夜 上海桑拿论坛, resolution is 1800 X 1200 (217 PPI) . This resolution is not Surface Go the mainstream, do not cross 3:2 of nest of as it happensScreen scale. Support was touched at 10 o’clock accuse, use Kangningdi glass of 3 acting gorilla. Compare the big brother with Surface familial series, the edges and corners of Go looks more fruity, at the same time in casing is carried on the back backward also did echelon to transfer. The Surface gush that unifinication magnesium pledges airframe still is we are familiar with is arenaceous feeling, the ”logo of card of cropland of Gao Guang “ on bracket blocking a leaf still can be become small glasses. Before buy 5 million photograph like ele阿拉爱上海 休闲预警ment like the head, group of left and infra-red model can realize Windows Hello facial iden阿拉爱上海 验证小唯tifying. 8 million postposition resembling element photographs postposition like the head, support is opposite automatically anxious. Airframe deploys odd microphone, stereo raise of supportive Dolby Audio Premium implement. New generation folds a leaf to prop up the structure is the oldest to combine point of view probably 150° , you can adjust aleatoric and comfortable screen angle, although tie-in clavier lid is put on the leg very firm also. Interface respect: USB-C port, 3.5mm earphone inserts a上海会所招聘 上海会所招聘perture, surface Connect port, surface professional clavier builds port, microSDXC reads card implement. Anyhow, r阿拉爱上海同城论坛 阿拉爱上海验证发帖区egard the smalles上海全场水磨100分钟不限次t Surface as the product, go is designed in industry, can saying is Jian Zhi makes one paragraph pole. 2, embarking Intel of Surface Go of property perfor上海419龙凤桑拿论坛mance   gallops gold processor 4415Y(tells the truth I of 上海外卖私人工作室one’s previous上海推油tykb店推荐 experience of mobile phone editor pay cl阿拉后花园上海后花园ose attention to PC processor rarely later) , this U be subordinate to belongs to Intel 7 acting cruel compositive HD615 nucleus shows farsighted platform, can understand 4415Y into 4.5W TDP cruel farsighted the shrink edition of M3-7Y30. Although advocate frequency has 1.6GHz only, but it is possible that function of 4 lines Cheng returns 2 nucleuses. Memory + memory respect, mark matchs e上海水磨休闲会所微信dition 4GB RAM + 64GB(eMMC) , match edition新阿拉爱上海 8GB RAM + 128GB(SSD) high. Machine of this evaluation on my hand is 8+128, this 163837 also be the version that I上海贵族宝贝后花园 recommend everybody to buy, although want to compare 2988 yuan mark to distribute version on the price expensive piece full 1000, but if you mean the word of true productivity,still believe me please. CINEBENCH R15 test was not done to everybody, if you pursue property,have Surface Pro\Book\Studio these are better at the same time costlier also alternative. Since locate to mark IPad Pro tool of productivity of originality of this kind of flat, we ought not to are opposite this cabinet and pitiful Surface