On徐汇区肠水疗 September 8, a appear on the mar大连日式拉丝水磨服务ket company, 500 strong companies of Chinese – e上海419龙凤桑拿论坛ast Yi Richeng decorates group Hefei branch, combination much name lives in building materials well-known company, famous home assembles the 长宁推油新店elite group of stylist and first-rate construction team, strong entry Hefei, heavy pound rolls out complete Fang Haohua to decorate, the citizen friend of Hefei can leave from now on decorate trouble, ag上海莞式桑拿水磨 419ain also need not floriferous treat unjustly money on上海贵族宝贝发廊论坛e minute. Mobile time: 2018.9.8 activities place: Government affairs area 100 profit center 31 activities welfare: 1, tide accompanies hand ceremony: Did the activity send ceremony of elegant companion hand a 2: 上海水磨会所攻略2018na上海高端娱乐会所排名mely to inn that day? Xu of close target of ⑽ pull out calls crooked Gong to press a unit of length of  at present harding iron easily? period avoids breath 3, big shop sign drives meet ceremony: Hefei of stylist of big shop sign head beautiful, client spot experience designs freely 4, advocate material indulgen上海 419龙凤 论坛 官网ce cerem上海贵族宝贝会所 gzbb.meony: Cooperative product participates in an activity to enjoy surprise privilege 5, lucky win large award: The autograph wins large award about, home appliance cash you take 6, avoid ceremony of Chan Haohua surprise: Autograph sheet can participate October practice lottery, namely what the opportunity smokes relieve sheet 7, cling to large award of travel of li island time: Autograph sheet enjoys practice lottery namely, win take cling to Yi Richeng of 5 days of Youdong lives in li island Shuang Fei adornment group is one holds to “ to decorate good space, build what ” of happy life is a mission to specialization, the brand is changed, of industrialization large appear on the market an outfit group company. Held water 1997, was in Shenzhen 2014 A i上海金山spa在哪里n pla上海gm论坛telet appears on the market (stock code: 002713) , be on for years continuously ” China has value brand most 500 strong ” , brand value is as high as twenty billion three hundred and ninete大桶大全身精油有飞机en million yuan. Come 21 years, dedicated all the time home assembles Yi Richeng group east industrial innovation develops, with brand-new commercial pattern leads Chinese hom上海油压技师招聘日结e to install an industry to enter “ science and technology zoology to change”New era. Hefei, I came! Let your kick one’s heels! A appear on the market company, 500 strong companies of Chinese – east Yi Richeng decorates group Hefei branch Hefei head is beautiful on September 8 3 big prerogatives, 7 big privilege, wish to be in 100 profit center to see阿拉爱上海 自荐 you more only! Electric equipment of coffee mug-up red bag. Do not take do not abandon entirely, decorate new home, need not burn your calorie!


In last few years, development of industry of 2247 home appliance is stable, main category of 2247 home appliance maintains stability o上海男士spa论坛f produce and sale, accompany the change of the new technology development such as Internet, AI, IoT and consumer demand, home appliance industry also is 上海浦东丝袜会所facing a lot of new challenges and change. Treat the integral data condition that treats home appliance trade first. According to ” half an year of industry of Chinese home appliance spent a re上海贵族宝贝自荐 gzbb.liveport 2018 ” show, 2018 first half of the year, dimensions of market of Chinese home appliance (do not include 3C product) achieve 421.3 billion yuan, grow 9.7% compared to the same period, compare 2017 11.9% somewhat fall after a rise, but in the high-end product change on the structure is very apparent. (Data origin: ? Discharge  half an year of industry of cable of the state in year spends?018 of body of throat of core of Mei Jin greedy for food report ” )     2018 first half of the year, dimensions of the market on home appliance line achieves 140.9 billion yuan, grow 32.8% compared to the same period. The market on the line continued to contin宝山城区水疗ue the situation that high speed rises, to w上海足浴荤场子一览表hole the look forward to of the market goes to main effe如何一招判断仙人跳ct since steady growth first half of the year. However, the channel below the line is in of whole market occupy bigger than still comparativing, have sheer weight. T上海千花 自荐 上海千花验证归来he expert inside course of study points out, the industry of industry of Chinese home appliance upgrades to be being carried fast, high end, high quality comfortable model, intelligence, health home appliance more be chased after by the market hold in both hands. At the same time of product structure upgrade further, also highlight the value that gives after service, have good experience feeling and the service business that serve heart to heart to also will quicken the arrival of good life. Nevertheless, the thing has two sides. While home appliance industry grows smoothly, also put in a few potential hidden danger, perhaps say a challenge. Hammer science and technology observes discovery, is the 上海 闵行 桑拿网论challenge main is body the following now 3 respects: ? Mountain fastness of ∑ Huang? will raid. Mountain fastness product exists all the time, put an end to completely very hard also, be not上海 自带工作室女 is industrial problem only, it is problem of a society more. But in recent years, as the occurrence of burgeoning channel platform, mountain fastness product has the tendency of emerge in large numbers of batch of do sth on a large scale. Before this, increase as what platform of mainstream cable b上海大学附近spausiness hits strength, mountain fastness product is online go up to had done not have too much surviving space, more ground is to appear in line go to上海油压店关了 the countryside to press down the market. However, as go all out great the rise of platform of such gregarious cable business, resurgence of many product of mountain fastness home appliance, a large number of on these platform occurrence. Make public information to show, include to achieve dimension, Kang Jia, sea letter, millet, extremely the product of the enterp上海普陀荤桑拿rise such as rice is spelling great platform to have by mountain fastness, sham phenomenon, although many enterprises adopt the form that sends statement active thought fors the time being, but the上海足浴桑拿会所费用 effect is not apparent. Of course, hammer science and technology thinks, the processing of electric business platform is relatively easy, but the production that how hits a line to fall makes source, it is a more grim challenge. Secondly, the many hole after carry out. Before paragraph time, ” People’s Daily ” the news that reports air conditioning is maintained phonily, stunned an industry. The home appliance product such as air conditioning is repaired without sick leave, the phenomenon that ailment heavies repa上海油压技师招聘水磨师傅ir, marred the brand image of the enterprise not only, more let consumer have affliction talk. At the beginning of July, shanghai consumer rights and interests protected committee to announce 2018 air conditioning to maintain report of experience and observe, show much to maintain business to be put in misdirect and the problem that cheat customer. Home appliance pays attention to the category of after service very much as, if maintaining the flaw with tremendous presence of the link after waiting for carry out, bring about what integral consumption experiences to glide necessarily, the stable enlarge that can affect home appliance especially naturally to consume the market is allowed. Especially product of home appliance of current main force enters the market that put an amount period, the importance of after service more highlight. Thirdly, cross bound competition. In recent years, internet, AI, IoT develops quickly, the competition that cross a boundary becomes normal state, home appliance trade is likewise such. Since happy 2013 inspect after entering color television industry, millet, windstorm, faddish wait for enterprise of a lot of Internet to also begin to enter home appliance industry. Newest message shows, enterprises of many mains阿拉爱上海足浴f论坛tream mobile phone also will cross a bound to enter color television market, for instance China for, OPPO, Vivo.